A Playlist for Girls like Me


august by Taylor Swift

One of my favorite Taylor songs, the bridge makes me feel like I’m flying off of a cliff in a good way.


Bros by Wolf Alice

Ever want to feel like you’re drifting in the ocean, not caring where the waves take you? Well…


Crystal by Stevie Nicks

Guaranteed to unlock the witch that lives inside all of us. This is on the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies Practical Magic.


Dreamworld by Rilo Kiley

Daydream until you’re in space. Nothing is real, right?


Everyone by Mitski

There she goes again. The right song for when you finally leave the world behind and do your own thing.


Flowers in December by Mazzy Star

Laying in a field at night looking up at the stars, maybe there’s a campfire, but that seems hard to make. Turn it all the way up and close your eyes.


Geology by Barrie

Suddenly you’re a geologist fairy looking for rocks and flowers with your pet frog. There is nothing wrong with this song.


Heaven or Las Vegas by Cocteau Twins

Does anyone know what they’re saying? No. Does it still make me levitate whenever I hear it? Obviously.


In My Feelings by Lana Del Rey

She gets it.


Just like Heaven by The Cure

In the introductory scene of just about every ‘90s movie I love. Makes me believe in love.


K. By Cigarettes After Sex

It’s raining so you go and sit in your car and listen to the raindrops. It’s completely understandable. I have done this.


Lump Sum by Bon Iver

That took a turn.


Motion Sickness by Pheobe Bridgers

As a strictly front-seat passenger, I’ve been there. Scringing (scream singing) this one.


New Normal by Caroline Polacheck

Ascending to the higher power that is Queen Polachek. Arriving at the gates of heaven but it’s just this album.


Over the Moon by The Marías

Floating through space and time in a Maria haze. Nothing can hurt you here.


Prom by SZA

For the girls whose proms weren’t like the movies.


Quicksand by Björk

Just make bubble sounds and appreciate her brain. The real-life definition of entering a fantasy world and doing fantasy things.


Ribs by Lorde



Sometimes by Faye Webster

I think if I could be anyone, I would be her. If I made music, it would be this music. Still floating. Still swaying.


True Blue by Boy Genius

Boy Genius together again, it's a miracle. I stared at the lyrics of this when it came out for approximately 10 hours.


Under your Spell by Desire

Find yourself living in a constant trance-like state?


Velvet Ring by Big Thief

Screaming, crying, and all of the above. I’m getting the lyrics tattooed on my forehead.


Woo by Beach House

Not woo in a fun way. Woo in an alien abduction flying through the galaxy and seeing what the universe looks like kind of way.


X&Y By Coldplay

My favorite Coldplay album. The plan isn’t going to plan, but is that not the plan?


You by The 1975

The two minutes of dead silence in the middle of the song really lets you sit in the feelings you’re feeling. Thanks, Matty Healy.


Zombie by The Cranberries

What’s in your head? That is a very, very good question. Way too much is the answer.

Sing Back Home